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Virtual Reality:
Hope or Hype?

By Solomon Rogers

Virtual Reality was a subject of discussion at this year’s FT Digital in London which I was privileged to be part of. »

Battle of the Realities: Brand Building with Next-Generation VR and AR

By Dave McDougall

Next-generation Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are creating the next big step-change in consumer technology. »


Disruption Is Not About the Technology. It's About the Mindset.

By Andrew Shortt

As Tesla eases over the 400,000 pre-orders mark and Uber holds city councils all over North America hostage, threatening to pull out if they're hit with heavy regulation, the talk about disruption and the fear of being disrupted grows. »

Technology Is Bringing People Together and Businesses Need to Start Thinking Bigger

By Neil Hughes

News headlines have been bombarding social media timelines on a daily basis about how technology is responsible for almost all of society’s modern problems.

Breaking Down Silos in
the Marketing Tech Landscape

By Jeroen Verdonk

It’s an understatement to say that the technology landscape has grown. It has, in fact, blown up. From martech, to adtech, to fintech, the logos on Scott Brinker’s marketing technology landscape, representing the marketing technology industry, has nearly doubled in just over a year. »

The Next Web Conference 2016: How Digital Innovations Will Change Branding

By Stefka Ivanova

“Technology is changing our behavior not needs,” said David Shingy, AOL’s Digital Prophet, during his presentation on the first day of The Next Web Conference 2016. »

Stop Building Features, Start Building Brands

By David Ams

Most of the entrepreneurs I meet are building a product, either with their team or co-founders (which I highly recommend) or with a development agency (ugh! See what I think about that here). They tell me about their project (when they’re not afraid of sharing it) with excitement and explain me why their product is going to be the next big thing in their industry. »

Vox Pop: Will Branded VR Content Change Digital Advertising for the Better?

By Nicolas Deskos

Virtual reality is opening up new territories for advertisers and brands. But how will consumers react to branded VR content. »