From a local meetup just five years ago to Europe’s leading branding conference, OnBrand has quickly become the ultimate meeting point for 1,800+ curious marketers and creatives. And this year will be no different. On October 10, industry leaders will come together in Amsterdam to discuss the trends set to shake up the future of branding as we know it.

As we’ll be celebrating our fifth anniversary this October, we’ve rounded up some of the best speaker talks and memorable quotes from the last 4 editions—along with 5 reasons why OnBrand ’19 should be the conference you attend this year.

Top 5 quotes

Marketers will be the change agents that help brands embrace the power of being vulnerable, staying real, and impacting culture

Stefan Fountain

Anybody can copy your product with enough resources, but nobody can copy your brand

Sançar Sahin


Creatives have the power to change the world. We are more powerful than we think

Steve Vranakis

Google Creative Lab

Modern customers are focusing on collecting experiences, not just logos

Emanuele Madeddu

National Geographic

You aren’t interesting if you have no opinions

Amy Brown

Iris Amsterdam

Top 5 talks

While we love all our 'alumni' equally, the following talks really stood out for their no-BS advice and searing insights.

When good ideas go bad

Ashley Vinson


Crazy about chocolate, serious about people

Henk Jan Beltman

Tony’s Chocoloney

Making an impact on culture

Simon Summerscales


Transformation at The New York Times

Sebastian Tomich

The New York Times

Why building a brand is the single best investment you can make

Dave Gerhardt