While we can’t claim to be soothsaying fortune-tellers, we try our best to live up to our ethos of “uncovering the future of branding”. Our Studio OnBrand tracks are carefully curated from the most relevant trends and talking-points within marketing, technology, and design today—so you can tackle tomorrow with the latest expert insights.

The Next Normal: Brand marketing in 2022 and beyond

The digital world has become the only space for many businesses to operate—changing the ways companies create and distribute content, and market their products or services. With an eye on the future, this track will explore how brand marketing will continue to evolve beyond 2021, and how brands can authentically connect with their customers in the new normal.

At Studio OnBrand, we aim to provide some clarity on what role branding plays in the “new normal”, exploring the big questions many of us are now grappling with:

  • In an increasingly saturated digital world, how can brands craft consistent, creativity-driven & exceptional digital experiences for customers?
  • Will the new normal level the playing field between small and large brands?
  • How can brands succeed in a cookie-less world? What does this mean for personalization? And will it favor established businesses with more money to spend?
  • In times of societal disruption, how can brands use their influence in society and translate their core values into positive action?

    Your future consumer

    The timeless talking-point for anyone with an audience: what will the consumers of tomorrow look like. This track will cover topics ranging from customer experience to conscious consumerism, forecasting the top trends that every brand will need to keep on top of if they’re to stay relevant and engaged with their target audiences.

    • What makes for a winning customer experience; which brands are doing it right? 
    • With buying habits shifting predominantly online, how can brands reach and authentically connect with consumers online and beyond? 
    • Are millennials, Gen-Zers, and Generation Alphas really that different in how they consume and communicate with today’s brands?

    Harnessing creativity in a hybrid-remote world

    2020 was a pivotal year for workplace culture and collaboration due in large part to the sudden shift to remote working. What will be the lasting impact of this accelerated transition to hybrid/remote working, and will it be a permanent fixture of working in the “new normal”?

    • How can brands navigate the new creative talent landscape (including agencies, in-sourcing, contractors and freelancers)?
    • Will brands outsource day-to-day tactical tasks (such as copy editing and graphic design) to gig workers to free up more time for marketing teams to work on creativity and strategy?
    • Will marketers tap into the influx of new creators on platforms such as TikTok to create unique and authentic content for their brands?  
    • How can brands cultivate creativity from all walks of life, promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace?

      The evolution of creative and content for the digital world

      Technology and automation is continuing to shake up the fundamentals of how we work as brand and marketing professionals. Marketers cannot match the volume of content and pace of experimentation demanded by new channels, platforms and touch points.. This tracks aims to explore what effects this will have on the creative process now and in the future.

      • How should the creative process evolve to better fit the algorithmically driven marketing execution engine?
      • How can brands use automation to liberate marketers from repetitive execution tasks and free up more time for storytelling and creativity?
      • When creating content at scale, how can brands keep creative quality high to stand out from endless competitors online?
      • Will creative content execution at scale be a fundamental competitive advantage for brands? And will it decide who wins the digital first economy?