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     | 15 May 2019

We’re celebrating #5YearsOnBrand: Here’s why you should join us!

From a local meetup just five years ago to Europe’s leading branding conference, OnBrand has quickly become the ultimate meeting point for 1,800+ curious marketers and creatives. And this year will be no different. On October 10, industry leaders will come together in Amsterdam to discuss the trends set to shake up the future of branding as we know it.

As we’ll be celebrating our fifth anniversary this October, we’ve rounded up some of the best speaker talks and memorable quotes from the last 4 editions—along with 5 reasons why OnBrand ’19 should be the conference you attend this year.

Top 5 quotes

“Marketers will be the change agents that help brands embrace the power of being vulnerable, staying real, and impacting culture.”
Stefan Fountain,

“Anybody can copy your product with enough resources, but nobody can copy your brand.”
Sançar Sahin, Typeform

“Creatives have the power to change the world. We are more powerful than we think.”
Steve Vranakis, Google Creative Lab

“Modern customers are focusing on collecting experiences, not just logos.”
Emanuele Madeddu, National Geographic

“You aren’t interesting if you have no opinions.”
Amy Brown, Iris Amsterdam

Top 5 talks

While we love all our 'alumni' equally, the following talks really stood out for their no-BS advice and searing insights. 

'When good ideas go bad' - Ashley Vinson, Facebook

'Crazy about chocolate, serious about people' - Henk Jan Beltman, Tony’s Chocoloney

'Making an impact on culture' - Simon Summerscales, 72andSunny

'Transformation at The New York Times' - Sebastian Tomich, The New York Times

'Why building a brand is the single best investment you can make' - Dave Gerhardt, Drift

Top 5 reasons to join us at #OnBrand19

You’ll get straight to the heart of the biggest questions in branding today

From writing the new customer experience rulebook to measuring the value of creativity, our OnBrand ’19 content tracks are set to answer all your burning branding questions (and create more). 

Because our community loves it!

"OnBrand has been fantastic. I’ve been able to hear from a lot of people here who are not just throwing out the clichés about what’s next, but are talking really practically about what’s happening now, and how it will shape where things will be in the future." 
Jay Curley, Ben & Jerry's

“It was great fun. Congratulations on the event itself and the tight production behind the scenes. Loved the international focus compared to other local marketing conferences.”
Perre van Den Brink, VICE

The speaker line-up is already 🔥

We’re excited to welcome everyone from old-timers such as Ashley Vinson to fresh faces—InVision’s Head Design Evangelist Stephen Gates, J. Walter Thompson’s Creative Innovation Director Emma Chiu—to the OnBrand’19 stage.

Get to know our incredible speakers (and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for new speaker announcements and updates).

You’re in for a treat with our easter egg hunt

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