| 16 October 2019

Overheard at OnBrand '19: Get inspired with the best quotes from the keynotes

What a day, what a day! We had high hopes that OnBrand ‘19 would be our biggest and best yet, but damn, even our expectations were exceeded. Our stellar speaker line-up spanning across marketing, tech, and design didn’t disappoint, having plenty to say on topics ranging from the business value of creativity to the role of brands in tackling the climate crisis.

Without a self-promotion sales pitch in sight, we’ve highlighted our favorite one-liners and inspirational calls-to-action from the day below.

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"If you make something for everyone, it won’t really appeal to anyone."

Zach Pentel, Spotify

"Good campaigns start with a good brief"

Ashley Vinson, Facebook

Seriously awesome results do not require serious behavior

Emily Hinks, Mischief Makers 
The power of business is growing. The increasing burden on business to be ethically-conscious is growing.
Alain Sylvain, Sylvain Labs

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