The basics

The OnBrand brand was created by a team of enthousiastic and creative people within Bynder.

It started with a simple idea: let's bring marketing and creative professionals together to discuss the trends set to shape the future of branding. Five years on, we’ve grown to become Europe’s leading branding conference.

The wordmark

The OnBrand woodmark is used on any external facing commuication. The clear space around the wordmark is equal to the cap height of the logomark (underscored O).

Guidelines logo1

The logomark

The logomark is used on our social media channels, as an icon and in case we need to place our logo in a limited space. This mark can stand alone, as long as the core logo is somewhere else in the finished piece. In any other case we use the woodmark.


Our colour palette is lively and high contrasting to match our event and audience. We also have a distinctive gradient to add focus and more color to our content. Bellow you can find all our colours and hex codes.

OnBrand colors

The three main brand colors are blue and white and dark gray. They are used to provide accessibility, simplicity, and consistency throughout all brand communications. Additionally we use 4 more colors to add depth and contrast.


RGB — 8 71 255
CMYK — 97 72 0 0
HEX — 0847FF
PMS — 2387 C


RGB — 255 255 255
CMYK — 0 0 0 0
PMS — White


RGB — 1 14 51
CMYK — 98 73 0 80
HEX — 010E33
PMS — 432 C

Sec color red

RGB — 354 74 99
CMYK — 0 95 85 0
HEX — FD4256
PMS — 185 C

Sec color pink

RGB — 254 236 238
CMYK — 0 7 6 0
PMS — 705 C

Sec color smoke

RGB — 230 236 255
CMYK — 10 7 0 0
PMS — 656 C

Sec color blue

RGB — 1 14 51
CMYK — 98 73 0 80
HEX — 010E33
PMS — 432 C

Color gradient


The main purpose of our typography is to ensure readability and promote personality. We use two typefaces across all our communication: Montserrat and PT Serif. Montserrat is used for display-type purposes where our message needs to be loud and clear. PT Serif is used mostly for body text because of its legibility and ease-of-use.

Montserrat guidelines
Freight guidelines


It's important for us to maintain the following type pairings to allow for clarity, consistency, and a strong hierarchy for all communications. Medium weight should be paired with Light and Bold with Regular weight.

Pairings one
Pairings two

Call to action (CTAs)

There are two approaches when creating CTAs for OnBrand communications: a button, and a simple text link without a button.

Freight guidelines
Freight guidelines
  • Primary button
  • Primary button