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Hans Schlatmann
Hans Schlatmann
Sony ATV
Senior Sync & Marketing Manager

Bio: Hans Schlatmann

Hans Schlatmann loves music and marketing, and combines the two in his role as Senior Sync And Marketing Manager at Sony/ATV Music Publishing in Amsterdam.

He’s worked on many campaigns with agencies such as TWBA, 72andSunny, and CZAR, as well as directly with brands, on both a creative and business level.

Sony/ATV represents the songs of legendary artists such as The Beatles, Queen, The Supremes and Kanye West as well as - in Holland and Belgium - HAEVN, Kovacs, Golden Earring, Son Mieux and many others.

Sony/ATV offers brands, agencies, music supervisors and film companies advice, search and licensing services regarding the use of music – both hit songs and new work by young and emerging artists and songwriters - in campaigns, commercials and films.