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The State of Branding
Report 2017

By OnBrand Team

Can data-driven marketing be emotional?

By Nicolas Deskos

Is it possible to balance data and emotion within a brand strategy to drive engaging communication with consumers? »

Vox Pop: Does Brand Matter in the 21st Century?

By Nicolas Deskos

With consumers becoming more empowered and less receptive to brand messaging, is branding significant in the digital age? »


Brands Kicking Ass at Marketing Right Now

By Diana Smith

When I was a kid, I always paid attention to the commercials. What made them funny? What if I remembered the spot but not the brand? Was that still a good use of their money? »


Why I Stopped Interrupting Consumers (And Why You Should Too)

By Michael Oquendo

I work exclusively with Auto Industry (New franchise car dealerships, to be specific) every day, so trust me I understand interruptive advertising »


Lessons from Being a Social Entrepreneur

By ElsaMarie D’Silva

A little over 3 years ago, I decided to take the plunge and move to the development sector after a very successful 20 year career in aviation. This move was triggered by many things — my quest for my purpose in life, stagnancy due to a glass ceiling, financial downturn of the airline I was working with, and exposure to new ideas in the form of a management course focused on CSR & Sustainability. »


Vox Pop: Will Branded VR Content Change Digital Advertising for the Better?

By Nicolas Deskos

Virtual reality is opening up new territories for advertisers and brands. But how will consumers react to branded VR content. »

How to Sell Periscope to Brands

By Ryan Bell

“You’re one of three people in the world able to have that conversation,” Brian Fanzo said as we walked out of the HQ of a major tech brand in Silicon Valley, “How does that make you feel?” »